CARE Rated Long Term Rating: ‘CARE BBB-‘ (Triple B Minus)                                                                                                                          CARE Rated Long Term Rating: ‘CARE BBB’ (CARE Triple B)
  • SIFL is a 100% subsidiary of SICOM.
  • SICOM (earlier known as The State Industrial and Investment Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.). The Government of Maharashtra (GoM) promoted SICOM in 1966, to catalyze industrial investment in the backward areas of the state. GOM presently holds 49% stake in SICOM.
  • SICOM has vast Experience of providing finance to the SME Segment:
        -  across diverse Industrial sectors
        -  across multiple Economic cycles
  • SICOM has the enviable track record of having managed and successfully repaid Institutional Funds without a single default since inception.
  • Well defined Delegation of Powers, Structure for Sanctions, Disbursement etc.
  • Access To Unique & Proprietary Deals in the SME Sector.
  • SICOM has a Strong Brand Loyalty in Maharashtra State in the SME Sector. Maharashtra State is the largest Industrialized State in India, attracting huge Investments both Domestic and Foreign.
  • Team of SIFL handpicked from achievers / performers in SICOM.
  • Access to Government, Regulatory bodies etc.

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