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Mezzanine Finance:
  • SIFL is engaged in Mezzanine Finance activities to earn higher returns as compared to low and / or moderate returns earned on traditional lending activity by making a presence felt in niche areas presently not tapped by other lenders.
  • Funding under Mezzanine Finance is considered to Companies engaged in Industry that are in a rapid growth stage and / or about to demonstrate strong growth in the near future.

Special Situation Finance:

  • Companies in a special situation are generally not in a position to access traditional financial avenues due to existing highly leveraged capital structure, inability of the promoter to bring additional capital for critical investment, sidelined company of a big group, differences among the shareholders etc.
  • Financing in special situations need not be mixed up or understood as financing in high-risk area. It is only due to the prevailing short-term situations / conditions that the Company is not in position to avail traditional finance but otherwise is capable of performing. A suitable structuring mechanism is put in place to adequately safeguard the interest of all the parties.
  • SIFL is financing such deserving Companies and is catering / providing the entire gamut of financial requirements of the said Companies so as to achieve higher growth and profits.

• Target Market : SME’s in INDIA
• Investment Size : Min : INR 1cr (USD 0.25 mill)
• Max : as per RBI Norms

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