CARE Rated Long Term Rating: ‘CARE BBB-‘ (Triple B Minus)                                                                                                                          CARE Rated Long Term Rating: ‘CARE BBB’ (CARE Triple B)
Shri. M.D.Thakur – Managing Director.

Aged 54 years and having 29 yrs work experience off which 26 yrs are with SICOM in Credit (I.e. Business Development, Appraisal, Funding, Recovery etc) to SME Sector - across multiple Industrial sectors and across multiple Economic cycles.

Has also experience in promoting Joint & Assisted Sector project in SICOM viz. M/s.Maratha Cements, Indo Count Ltd, Shree Pre-coated Steel, Sinar Mas Paper were some of the assisted ventures.

Lead a team of 16 members from British Telecom, Mahindra & Mahindra and SICOM, which in 1986 carried out feasibility study for Government of Maharsahtra for improvement of Telecom Network in the State. A separate Co. viz Mahindra British Telecom was setup for this project.

Besides financial expertise, he has hardcore technical experience with Siemens India Ltd., for commissioning of plants for Cement, Paper, Steel Rolling Mill, Polyster etc. Garware Polyster, PudumjeePulp & Paper, J.K.Cements are some of the plants successfully commissioned.

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