What Young Petrolheads in India Need and Deserve Before Everything Goes Electric

05 Sep, 2021 by Arsh Jethi

The Problem

So, I have been looking into the choices of cars we have in India but sadly can't seem to find one stock that seems to fit what youngsters with taste for performance need. A large demographic in India is between the age of 20 and 44. There is a guarantee this niche is bigger than what the automotive industry thinks. The sales volume might be low but the reputation gains would be very high. But give it a proper try unlike Fiat Punto Abarth or CBU VW Polo GTI (yes, Make in India)

Disclaimer: I value aesthetics alot and they are very subjective.

Let's dive right in!

What makes the driver happy

Let's Make it a little practical and price under check

Solutions that are simple and give user flexibility while delivering the essentials. .

The formula is simple = Safe + Reliable + Basic Amenities + Good Performance + Awesome music system

The Perfect Candidate

Hyundai has already made its shot with i20 N Line. My eyes are on Volkswagen Polo. With their new MQB A0 IN Platform, 1.5 liter (150PS) and 2 liter (190PS) TSI powertrains a new VW Polo GTI should be possible. But hey, the invitation is open for all the manufacturers. I am hoping Tata and Mahindra can pull some trick in this segment too.

The best case scenario would be something like the Toyota GR86 or maybe Mazda MX5 releasing here in India. We never had the Honda S2000 * sad face *

Damn, I must buy the Porsche GT3 Touring one day!

Take the spot and earn the respect of all the Petrolheads.

Proposing a spec for Polo GTI:

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Thankyou (Please forgive my typos)

See ya later