TVS Apache RR310 review

05 Sep, 2021 by Arsh Jethi

Meet my motorcycle

Its been 10 months since I bought my Red BS6 RR310, odometer has clocked about 4000 km so far. Truly an excellent machine and totally worth but, has some scope for improvement. 2021 update brings a much needed sportier position for footpegs and handel bars with fully adjustable suspension.

What is awesome

What can be improved

My opinion/rant

As noted earlier- using smartphone for navigation is the way to go, also the riding modes and ABS profiles are not needed at 34 PS max power, just flat out track mode always would easily work.

Which brings me to- instead of 5" TFT display (also, my love for analog tachometer) just an analog tachometer and smaller TFT (2" ?) for speedometer, odometer, gear indicator, fuel gauge, coolant temp and trip meters. It would look totally unique and make analog lovers happy at the same time.

No bluetooth required, hence a less powerful microcontroller without lower capabilities would do the job. Instead useful features like Quickshifter or TPM may be provided.

Manufacturers need to market 'No Gimmicks' as a feature. If you don't believe me try A/B testing with the customers. But, don't forget to educate them first by linking this article or creating your own marketing material inspired by this blog. Hahaha

Stating that, I really like the 'Glide Through Technology Plus' keep it till like 2nd gear (maybe flickable with a simple button) and cruise control may be usable from 3rd gear onwards.

Final Message

I hope TVS makes their next middle sports bike soon (hopefully >= 600cc inline 3 or 4 cylinders, with nice acoustics, partnership with Triumph maybe ?) less bloated with useless features. And I would happily upgrade (Oh, and keep it 'curvy and pretty' not 'sharp and futuristic' like Yamaha R* motorcycles). Keep the good work up!

Sidenote: I absolutely adore 2006 Yamaha R1 aesthetics.

Okay, party's over.

Bye Bye