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SICOM Investments and Finance Ltd. (SIFL) is a 100% subsidiary of SICOM  Limited, a leading financial Institution and a RBI registered NBFC, who has been in the business of lending to SME’s since 1966 

In the emergent scenario for finance from 1993 to 2007, SICOM realized the need for a special vehicle to cater to the funding needs of challenged  SMEs, who were finding it difficult to get funds from banks / institutions on account of rigidity and emerging Risk and Credit rating regime. This prompted  SICOM to launch SIFL in 2007 to cater to such special situations and turn around cases in the SME sector, with a core team who had proven experience in such activity. 

SIFL’s approach towards the business is “Contrarian”. The essence, philosophy and spirit of SIFL funding being:

 “ When we see someone talented & hard working:

  •          with a working idea and 

  • has been making sincere efforts to achieve it.

We empathize with him, put funds and catalyze his journey on to the path of growth.” 

Towards this objective, SIFL provides finance to companies for meeting following needs: 

  • Special Situation Finance for :
    •  Rapid growth/ expansion 
    • Acquisition 
    • Consolidation of promoters holding
    • Order/ invoice based funding
  • Turn Around Finance
  • Mezzanine finance

SIFL has extended assistance to various sectors including Medical, Engineering, Chemicals & Solvents, Food & Food Products, Packaging, Retail, Logistics & Warehousing, E security, Automobiles, IT sector etc.

From 2007 to 2015, SIFL has funded 48 companies and provided finance aggregating to approx. Rs.960  crs., of this :

  • 22 companies have repaid the loans worth Rs. 510 crs. and;
  • out standing amount is of around Rs. 310 crs. comprising of 26 companies from various sectors and
  • an amount of Rs.60 crs. loans have been converted into equity. Of this, Rs.15 crs. equity has been sold to an MNC at 3 X.

During this period, SIFL net worth has grown from Rs. 8 crs. to Rs. 146 crs. Mostly through retained profits & assets under management have grown from Rs. 40 crs. in 2007 to Rs. 500 crs. in 2015. 

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